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Analog-Digital Conversion (Walt Kester, Analog Devices)
« on: 18.08.2014, Monday, 03:39:01 »
Analog-Digital Conversion (Walt Kester, Analog Devices)

Analog-Digital Conversion presents a comprehensive set of notes presented in a recent Analog Devices seminar series on data converters. In a digital world, A/D and D/A conversion is essential to translate between analog real-world physical variables and the abstract 1s and 0s of digital processing. The book offers a hint of its breadth, as well as its orientation to practical design: Data-converter history; Fundamentals of sampled-data systems; Data-converter architectures; Data-converter process technology; Testing data converters; Interfacing to data converters; Data-converter support circuits; Data-converter applications; and Hardware design techniques.

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